‘Europe’s Tribute to Elvis’ at the EPE ULTIMATE ELVIS Tribute Contest

Wow…. A dream come true!!! I cannot hide my delight in winning the right to represent ‘Europe’s Tribute to Elvis’ at the EPE ULTIMATE ELVIS Tribute Contest which will take place in Memphis, TN, USA in August 2016 during Elvis week. Having come 2nd twice now and 3rd in the past, this year is now my time now to go to the home of Elvis and compete in this most exclusive and prestigious contest on behalf of Europe and Tees Events. Elvis Presley Enterprizes have been promoting 20 or so contests around the world during 2016 and all winners/representatives culminate in Memphis to compete for the worlds Ultimate Elvis tribute artist and I can’t believe that I’m going to be walking out on the hallowed stage of the Orpheum Theatre in the home town of Elvis, in the company of … Continue reading

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New Website Launches….

Garry is delighted to be launching his new Website after many months of hard work between himself and Freestyle Web Design of Lyndhurst, New Forest.   Garry say’s…”This has been a delight in working with Jack and his team at Freestyle and their ideas and the creativity of Isaac has been fantastic. It’s difficult when you have an idea in your head to portray it to someone else but they got it straight away and I hope everyone will love the professional new website which has the ‘feel’ that I wanted to promote my Tribute to Elvis, throughout”   Please feel free to browse through the pages and let Garry know what you think 🙂

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Best Elvies Award for ‘Best Vegas Elvis 2015′

Garry is delighted to announce that he will be awarded the Elvies Porthcawl Festival ‘Best Vegas Elvis’ for 2015 which will be presented to him at the annual festival and see him perform his Vegas showcase at the Grand Pavilion on the Saturday night. ‘I’m absolutely delighted…It’s an honour to have won this award and especially as I’m following in the steps of some fantastic ETA’s who have won it it the past. I won the ‘Best 68 Elvis’ award in 2013, so to add this award is really special for me’ Garry will be performing at the Porthcawl Festival during the weekend of 25th/26th September 2015. Don’t forget to go & say hello to him 🙂

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Garry J Foley taxi ride in China! :)

So…here in China, you have the normal taxis…and then you have the ‘other’ taxis 🙂 The story goes like this: GJF: So Fisher, fancying doing something today? FS: Yeah why not. I googled a market that’s down town. Shall we check it out? It’s only a 20 minute taxi ride. GJF: Sounds good. Let’s go…..typical though, where’s all the taxis when you need one!! China Man: ‘Ni Hao’ English men…you want taxi ride? GJF & FS: Not on that thing!!!…blimey that looks like a relic that’s fit for the scrapyard. China Man: ‘Do good deal…. Only 20 yuan (£2) GJF: That’s cheap Fisher….how bad can it be? Looks dodgy but it’ll be an experience 🙂 …I bet he knows these streets like Matt King back in London!!!! FS: OK Mr Man…but drive carefully… China Man: ‘Yeah yeah…. Xie Xie’ – … Continue reading

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Remind me…What City are we in now!! … :)

Well…..since my last blog, we’ve been zipping across China. We’ve put our show on in Kun Shan, Qing Dao, Wei Fang, Yan Tai and now we’ve found ourselves in what can only be described as the biggest city I’ve ever visited…the city of Wu Han! Wu Han is massive and has a population of over 10 million. We’re doing two shows here, Saturday and Sunday but before showtime, there is a couple of days of to explore, and boy, did Fisher and I explore!!!! We googled a famous Chinese shopping mall (not westernised at all) and I think we were the only westerns there, but instead of getting a taxi there (a 40 minute ride, which is just ’round the corner in Chinese terms) we decided to take the bull by the horn and live dangerously and hire what can … Continue reading

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First Show…

First show: Wenzhou    Well, we’ve done it…..the first show under our belt and all under the watchful eye of company manager Abbie whose done a fantastic job of making sure everything runs like clockwork as well as controlling the show here in China. The first thing I’ve got to say is WOW, what a theatre. Incredible. State of the art 2000 seater. And boy, did we get treated like royalty. My dressing room was huge 🙂  So, when I arrived, there was all my costumes hanging up, wig box and everything else I needed. Private on-suite as well! Dress rehearsal on stage went well and I have to say that the lighting technicians did a fantastic job. The best sound and lighting I’ve experienced. So then the count down to show time. Audience in, lights down, open tabs (stage … Continue reading

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Day 1 – Heathrow airport

Well, after meeting the cast and spending a week in London rehearsing, the time has finally come to leave for Heathrow airport.  The China tour is upon us and the adventure starts! Really difficult saying goodbye to Tracy & the family, but it’s only 3 months….(as I keep telling myself). Anyway, bags checked in, ages getting through security and a welcomed beer in hand with my partner in crime, Mr Fisher Stevens. So, the mammoth task of travelling to the other side of the world begins. It all starts with the first plane ride to Denmark.  …..Off the plane, collect bags, through the airport & straight on the next plane to Beijing….thank god my bags are here (my worse nightmare would be if one went missing!!) But I have to say, the flight to Beijing wasn’t too pleasant. Anyway, finally … Continue reading

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China Tour – 2015

We’ve added a blog to our website, so that you can stay updated with the latest from Garry’s tour of China in the lead role of Spirit (Worldwide) Productions Las Vegas Theatre show  ‘ELVIS – The King of Rock and Roll’ …. including pictures and videos from our latest performances as we tour theatre’s around China. Stay tuned for upcoming news!

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