Remind me…What City are we in now!! … :)

Well…..since my last blog, we’ve been zipping across China.

We’ve put our show on in Kun Shan, Qing Dao, Wei Fang, Yan Tai and now we’ve found ourselves in what can only be described as the biggest city I’ve ever visited…the city of Wu Han!

Wu Han is massive and has a population of over 10 million. We’re doing two shows here, Saturday and Sunday but before showtime, there is a couple of days of to explore, and boy, did Fisher and I explore!!!!

We googled a famous Chinese shopping mall (not westernised at all) and I think we were the only westerns there, but instead of getting a taxi there (a 40 minute ride, which is just ’round the corner in Chinese terms) we decided to take the bull by the horn and live dangerously and hire what can only be described as a 1940’s motorcycle with a sort of homemade double seat on the back!! … How stupid are we…but my god, what an absolute hilarious experience.

This ‘taxi driver’ took us through the back streets of this city like Matt King would take you through the streets of London . Only difference being, is that these so called ‘back streets’ were nothing more than dirt tracks and talk about Highway Code!!!! It doesn’t exist over here. We passed all sorts of sights and goeings on which would make your toes curl, but would I have swapped it for a proper taxi ride…..No Way, Jose ….watch out for the posting of a little video clip of this adventure but I’ll apologise for any bad language now if I may

Anyway, back to why we’re here…. This theatre in Wu Han is HUGE….

The shows are going very well and being very well received and I’ve gotta say, the Chinese love Elvis.

People who know me will know that I love a lot of audience participation, but obviously I can’t just jump of stage in these venues but I have encouraged people to come to front of stage for a hand shake or a little peck on the cheek and wow…. The audience erupts…

Am I in my element…. You Bet lol …..

The cast in this show are purely fantastic….from all the dancers, Sophie, Cami, Sam, Gemma, Keisha and Robyn, (wow, you girls can sure dance!!!) to all the singers Bex, Shani, Nataylia, and of course Sean & Arran….and boy can they sing 🙂 True professionals 🙂 🙂 (pleasure to be on the same stage as all you guys!)

So here’s a cheeky peek of a little song called ‘Jailhouse Rock’ from the first set with the dancers and backing singers to give you a feel of the show… Sorry about quality, but we’re not allowed to film anything and have to sneak camera footage when we can.

But…Watch out for the GJF & Fisher Stevens motorcycle taxi ride through the streets of Wu Han….

Until the next blog and next city…. Take care all xxxxxx