Garry J Foley taxi ride in China! :)

So…here in China, you have the normal taxis…and then you have the ‘other’ taxis 🙂

The story goes like this:

GJF: So Fisher, fancying doing something today?

FS: Yeah why not. I googled a market that’s down town. Shall we check it out? It’s only a 20 minute taxi ride.

GJF: Sounds good. Let’s go…..typical though, where’s all the taxis when you need one!!

China Man: ‘Ni Hao’ English men…you want taxi ride?

GJF & FS: Not on that thing!!!…blimey that looks like a relic that’s fit for the scrapyard.

China Man: ‘Do good deal…. Only 20 yuan (£2)

GJF: That’s cheap Fisher….how bad can it be? Looks dodgy but it’ll be an experience 🙂 …I bet he knows these streets like Matt King back in London!!!!

FS: OK Mr Man…but drive carefully…

China Man: ‘Yeah yeah…. Xie Xie’ – Get on back….

GJF: Fisher…. No seatbelts!!!!!!!!

FS: ‘Hold on then’……. ???


Well….. I gotta tell you, what a hoot! It definitely wouldn’t have passed any type of health & safety but boy bid we have a laugh.

Have a watch of the video and try and get a feel of ‘Taxi rides in China’

Take care all 🙂