First Show…

First show: Wenzhou


Well, we’ve done it…..the first show under our belt and all under the watchful eye of company manager Abbie whose done a fantastic job of making sure everything runs like clockwork as well as controlling the show here in China.

The first thing I’ve got to say is WOW, what a theatre. Incredible. State of the art 2000 seater. And boy, did we get treated like royalty. My dressing room was huge 🙂 

So, when I arrived, there was all my costumes hanging up, wig box and everything else I needed. Private on-suite as well!

Dress rehearsal on stage went well and I have to say that the lighting technicians did a fantastic job. The best sound and lighting I’ve experienced.

So then the count down to show time. Audience in, lights down, open tabs (stage curtains) and que music….ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING 🙂

Never in my whole time of performing have I had the experience of performing with such a fantastic cast of singers and dancers….From the opening first bars of the 2001’Also Sprach Zarathustra intro, straight into That’s Alright Mama, we were on it, with the dancers bursting throughout the stage and the singers providing all the fantastic backing vocals as the stage lit up in an explosion of colours and affects….and as I settled into the song, I looked out into the audience and thought, wow…this is the nearest I can get to possible knowing how Elvis must have felt when he walked out on his stage in Vegas 🙂

Before I knew it, we were singing suspicious minds and I was thanking the audience for such a great night before the finale of Viva Las Vegas with all the dancers in full Vegas showgirl costumes with the most incredible headdresses….

Then no time for hanging round…straight back to the dressing room, quick shower before wardrobe collect all costumes and the cast are back on the tour bus, back to hotel before a quick change and then out for dinner…. 

‘Can’t remember getting home though’ 🙂 …I blame Sean Smith (Same Difference) for getting me started on the whiskey’s 🙂 🙂 ….. ‘ man after my own heart Sean!!!!!’