Day 1 – Heathrow airport

Well, after meeting the cast and spending a week in London rehearsing, the time has finally come to leave for Heathrow airport. 

The China tour is upon us and the adventure starts!

Really difficult saying goodbye to Tracy & the family, but it’s only 3 months….(as I keep telling myself).

Anyway, bags checked in, ages getting through security and a welcomed beer in hand with my partner in crime, Mr Fisher Stevens. So, the mammoth task of travelling to the other side of the world begins. It all starts with the first plane ride to Denmark. 

…..Off the plane, collect bags, through the airport & straight on the next plane to Beijing….thank god my bags are here (my worse nightmare would be if one went missing!!)

But I have to say, the flight to Beijing wasn’t too pleasant. Anyway, finally got there and here we go again…off plane, collect bags, run to next gate to catch yet another plane to Wenzhow…..and guess what, delays!!!! Well, I guess it had to happen.

But that gave us a opportunity to grab a beer and try to chill. Finally made it to our destination and checked in the hotel and then……, guess what, zzzzzzzzzzzz lol

A welcomed day of rest before 1st show…..